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Real Christian book Am I a Real Christian?

This book will challenge and rock you to the core. It’s not one of those mushy, “make-me-feel-good” books. It’s what you need to enter the next chapter of victorious Christian living. Discover:

            • How to be a Real Christian.
            • How to develop self-control.
            • How to activate God’s power in your life.
            • How to reprogram your mind for victories.

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The Certainty of God's Promise by Randrick ChanceThe Certainty of God’s Promises

Do you need a sure word to stand on? Do you need certainty? Would assurance straight from God help? Then it’s time you discover The Certainty of God’s Promises. In these pages, you will learn:

            • Why God cannot lie
            • How to claim His promises
            • How to exercise faith in His word
            • How to receive great blessings from Him

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From Sailor To Saint by Randrick ChanceFrom Sailor to Saint

This book Chronicles Chance’s spiritual journey to enlightenment. He joined the U.S. Navy to see the world. In a few short years, his naval career was thriving as he earned promotion after promotion. He delighted in knowing that his peers saw him living the “good life.”

Find out how he discovered his true life’s purpose and the lessons he learned in the process.

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